UNiCS Solutions

Data-driven applications for different purposes and users.


Student mobility and internationalization strategy

A regional government with a strong interest in enhancing the attractiveness of its higher education system wants to get a better understanding of the student mobility patterns and their evolution over time.

Smart specialization and R&I ecosystem mapping

RIS3-MCAT, an interactive platform supporting smart specialization monitoring and research and innovation ecosystem mapping, developed by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Competency mapping and research valorization

Supporting research-policymakers in discovering trends in R&D and in identifying emerging strengths of local research & innovation ecosystems.

Specialization analysis

Helping institutions to understand better their disciplinary strengths and weaknesses by means of relevant specialization analysis: which are their areas of specialization and how do they compare with a national/international baseline? Who are their main competitors? Which institutions publish in the same field or with similar keywords?


Science4SDGs Visual Essay

An interactive exploration of the current situation on EU-funded research and innovation related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the UN.

Customised indicators to inform HERI policies - An example from a regional government perspective

An interactive web document featuring indicators and data to characterize Higher Education, Research and Innovation (HERI) systems and support related policies.

Benchmarking of Research Portfolios

To be able to make evidence-based strategic decisions, research institutions need to be able to situate themselves vis-à-vis their peers.