Evidence-based solutions for science and innovation policies combining open data and semantic technologies.


We help higher education and research organizations, funders, think thanks and governments to face their challenges by providing better access to contextualized data

UNiCS Endpoint

Free access to integrated open data for higher education, research and innovation through the most advanced ontology-based solution.


Full web applications containing exploratory tools, infographics, indicators, and raw data, with tailor-made interactive visualizations, based on advanced data analytics.

Interactive Reports

Storytelling web-interface with all the data available at your fingertips, to explore and dig down through interactive graphs.

In-depth Analysis Reports

Strategic insights combining data analytics and outstanding qualitative expertise.

What is UNiCS?

UNiCS is an Open Data platform based on Semantic technologies that integrates Open Data repositories about Higher Education, Research and Innovation in Europe. UNiCS is constantly growing integrating new open data and datasets.

These integrated data can be openly accessed through a SPARQL endpoint. UNiCS offers analytical tools and strategic insights to explore and contextualise data about Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Open By Default

We believe that open data stimulates innovation by removing barriers to the access and shareability of data. Because of this we integrate open datas about higher education, research and innovation from the european commission, national and regional governments, as well as from specific university’s and research organization’s initiatives and we make them available as 5-star linked open data format. we are working with different institutions and partners to constantly increase the number of available datasets as well as the quality of the integrated data, through a collaborative process of data cleaning and enrichment.

What makes UNiCS unique?

UNiCS is built according to the Ontology-Based Data Access (OBDA) paradigm, which makes it possible to query heterogeneous data from multiple sources through the vocabulary of an ontology since data are queried directly against the sources, their update is guaranteed upon release by their respective providers.

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Where does UNiCS Come from?

This initiative is developed by SIRIS Academic with the aim of contributing to a more collaborative and informed ecosystem for research and innovation policies. This public mission is made possible with a sustainable business model that ensures that the public benefit is put first (and that we aren’t dependent on short-term grants, or donations) by developing data mining applications and strategic solutions on the top of the data. In this way we can make all our data available on the website for free.

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