Tecnologie semantiche per l'analisi delle competenze e portafoglio di ricerca e innovazione: l'attività di R&S sul paradigma di industria 4.0 delle aziende toscane

This study has been commissioned by the Directorate of Economic Development of Regione Toscana, and aims to understand what is the private companies R&D&I potential to tackle the challenges of Industry 4.0.

By text mining the content of the scientific publications and EU research projects, the report uncovers that in the 2007-2017 period, 366 companies based in Tuscany published 1038 scientific papers and were awarded 233 EU-projects linked with the Industry 4.0 paradigms, respectively.

By leveraging on topic modelling techniques, the study finds also that i. Energy is a field of growing interest for the Tuscan private R&D ecosystem researching on Industry 4.0 and that ii. Food and Robotics are two fields of potential research synergies between the regional Academic Institutions and private companies within the domain of Industry 4.0.