Data-driven applications for different purposes and users.


UNiCS + aims at to influence decisions.


UNiCS + data-driven application for informing science and innovation policies.


UNiCS + aims to contextualize expenditure responsibility and support impact evaluation.

Student mobility and internationalization strategy

A regional government with a strong interest in enhancing the attractiveness of its higher education system wants to get a better understanding of the student mobility patterns and their evolution over time.

Smart specialization strategy and entrepreneurial discovery process

Regional government, wanting to understand how its S3-related initiatives’ fit within the general Research and Innovation (R&I) panorama and other funded projects.

Competency mapping and research valorization

Supporting research-policymakers in discovering trends in R&D and in identifying emerging strengths of local research & innovation ecosystems.

Specialization analysis

Helping institutions to understand better their disciplinary strengths and weaknesses by means of relevant specialization analysis: which are their areas of specialization and how do they compare with a national/international baseline? Who are their main competitors? Which institutions publish in the same field or with similar keywords?